Machine Offering Unicor UC15 Corrugator Extrusion


May 4, 2017


Extruder :              Akron extruder built 1993

                         1.5 inch by 26:1,   L/D screw

10 HP. DC Drive, with Tach feedback

4 Barrel zones 480 Volt, with air cooling

4 Die zones at 240 volt

43.5 inch, (1100mm) extrusion centerline

Extruder hopper included

Does have caster, and straight wheels


Extrusion Die:  Single layer spider die included

Built and as supplied by Unicor

Capable of upto 0.590 inches (15mm) outside diameter of pipe

240 Volt heater bands included

Gate flange adapter is bolted to the die body

End mounted

Can be operated with an air blow assist for forming


Corrugator:    Unicor UC15 Vario,  63 to 150 pair of 30mm wide mold blocks

Mold chain length is variable by using different mold tunnel modules. 6 various modules included.

Mold tunnel is water cooled.

Corrugator uses vacuum forming with individual segment control

Vacuum pump 10 HP. is included in the offering

One set of 120 pair of 8mm tubing molds are included

Remote control console pedestal included

Currently less than 200 Operating hours

Centerline extrusion is 43.5 inches (1100mm)

HMI panel has coloured screens, with function key activation


Optional Extra: 

Tubing Cut to length machine with flyknife, hauloff , and takeoff conveyor included.

Can be operated offline by using precoiled spools


Coilers:            Available in different size package configurations