ADESCOR offers in-plant installation services. Our experienced technicians will setup the equipment in your facility. From mechanical alignments to I/O checks, the Adescor technicians will work with your staff to ensure the installation is done in a timely manner. Adescor technicians will remain on site for startup of the equipment to ensure proper functionality is achieved.

They will teach and train your maintenance staff and operators on proper techniques for changeover, instruct on maintenance requirements, and train on proper use of the equipment.

Please note that initial electrical hook-up of the equipment is not the responsibility of the Adescor technicians. Only qualified electricians should perform the initial hook-up of the equipment. Any permits required for the installation of the equipment are the responsibility of the end user.


Contact Technical Support


Mike Harris
+1 519-235-0870

The ADESCOR group will help evaluate current production methods and help evaluate options with the goal of increasing productivity and lowering costs in a safe and efficient manner.

Reflecting the goal of constantly striving for improvement in customer service, ADESCOR is able to offer the option of remote diagnostic support.