Adescor is an independent machinery manufacturing adescor_products_headercompany specializing in downstream automation and continuous flow process technology. Incorporated in 2004, Adescor is highly regarded for but not limited to corrugated pipe and pipe extrusion equipment manufacturing.

A is committed to a continuing program of product improvement providing customers with flexible solutions for corrugated pipe extrusion that can help create significant value and an edge over the competition.

Based on a thorough needs analysis, our design team and technical support group will assist you in determining what products, or product modifications, will meet your requirements. In addition to increased productivity, the equipment should be simple to use, maximize operator safety while minimizing operator errors.

ADESCOR designs and builds efficient machinery for the most demanding manufacturer. Our equipment meets the highest criteria for reliability and performance worldwide. Information provided is subject to change without notice. Please contact us to confirm specifications, parameters, performance and dimensions.

The manufacturing capabilities at Adescor include much more than pipe extrusion equipment. Examples of some recent machinery builds include; sheet extrusion machinery, fly cutting application equipment, and reciprocating punching application machinery.

Adescor is proven in the development of many proprietary designs including a machine to punch holes in various materials, and pass materials through a continuous web.  One common theme of our automation experience and expertise is the continuous flow process technology.

The Adescor group builds it’s equipment in Huron Park, which is located in the center of Southwestern Ontario’s agricultural region. Adescor is well connected to the agricultural drain tile business and the local contractors and farmers who support it.

Adescor is well-known as a leader in the corrugated pipe machinery industry and customers of Adescor can be found throughout North America and Europe.

Goals and Objectives of Adescor

The customers, staff and partners of Adescor all contribute to the development of new concepts for it’s machinery and equipment development. The design team includes four college graduates with varying numbers of years of experience.  Adescor also employs a licensed industrial electrician with experience in electrical systems and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming.  Adescor has the experience and the expertise behind it that contributes to it’s continual growth and success.